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After writing for my own amusement for many years I finally discovered An online community where I could post my work and have other writers read and comment on it. To my surprise they seemed to like it.

My story ‘Crepuscular’ – a shadowy tale of unearthly darkness – features in The Grim Keeper Halloween Anthology, available on Amazon Now.

I am one of three winners of  the AuthorTrope  ‘I made the darkness’ Halloween writing contest. One of the prizes was to have my short story ‘The Exchange’ made into a video and audio piece. You can see it here. You can also read the original story here.

My first full length novel ‘The Herring Hanger’ was a published in Canada in 2017 and my new novel 'Margaret' is now available on kindle.


Thanks for visiting my website and please come back soon.

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