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Born on Christmas Eve 1930, Margaret’s unremarkable childhood is filled with magical stories of angels, mermaids and ghosts, but the start of the war changes everything. She is evacuated to a small coastal village where her shy personality leaves her isolated until she befriends Olive, who regales her with extraordinary tales that leave everyone confused and unsure.

Back in London, Margaret endures the relentless bombings until the devastating loss of her father leaves her mother more emotionally distant than ever. Resigned to an ordinary life, she can hardly believe it when she meets charming Henry Webb, who proposes after a short romance. Margaret finds herself living away from London,—soon realising her marriage is built on lies and fear, manipulation and abuse. Unable to admit her mistake to her mother, she lives with the ever growing violence until it’s too late. 

In many ways Margaret’s story now begins. Her spirit is fiercely alive and, with the help of Olive, she becomes determined to bring Henry to justice. But, she finds more than just revenge. On this emotional journey of self-discovery, secrets and painful memories are laid to rest and in the end—Margaret finds peace.








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