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The story of an ordinary woman in extraordinary circumstances. 

"She found she was stronger in death than she ever had been in life..."


Release date October 2019...keep watching the website for details.




Published April 21st 2017 by Quarry Press 

'The Herring Hanger'

A Supernatural Thriller

'The Herring hanger sits on the shore. Once a working building, where fish were gutted and hung up to dry, now it has had a makeover but you can't paint over the past...




Can a break on the misty Kent coast help Marcus rediscover his artistic spark and heal the cracks in his marriage? Are the disturbing dreams and visions he experiences real or a symptom of his fragile state of mind? Should he listen to the warning of the locals and will he finally uncover the truth? Read on…The Herring Hanger will keep you enthralled.





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